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I was just working with one of my clients, Fred from Bellingham Electrician, last week and he was looking for Accounting Software for his electrician business.



I did a lot of research on the best accounting software out there and here is what I came up with:

1. Quickbooks

I’ve used this for by IT support business and it is super easy to use once you get some basic overview of the terminology. This is the best option, especially if you have hired employees. You can submit customer, vendor and employee information. They even have a cloud option, making it even more convenient.


2. Sage

Sage Accounting is a huge company that provides a large suite of accounting applications. They are more suited to larger businesses and the learning curve is a bit higher. I recommend them because of their high degree of customizability.


3. Wave Accounting

Wave is a great economy option. They really go all out providing a wide range of options to suit the businessperson’s budget.


Once you have selected your accounting software, you can learn how to optimize it by reading this article from CompuTrak

I always advise connecting with a CPA specialized to your type of business. You can search for a CPA on the CPA Directory facebook group.


If you want another perspective, I found this great Youtube video on accounting software:

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