Photoshop VS Canva Which Is Better?

A complete guide for everyone who use both software!

Running a business requires you to have visual effects and images. Therefore you will need to know the differences between the Photoshop and Canva and which works better for you. Before anything else, here are the reasons why you need to create use a software that can help you create photos or designs.

  • Logo and watermark
  • Blog post images
  • Website elements like background and buttons
  • Product mockup
  • Ads and banners


You can use Canva for free and it comes with paid version that will cost you around $12.95 per month and estimated $119.40 per year and thus a web-based software that you can use and just login anywhere you go. There are free designs available and photos but it is being offered limited. Other photos and features are only available for the paid version of the software.

Meanwhile, you can save your photos and designs as PNG, PDF and JPG just like in Photoshop. If you are fond of typography, Canva features free fonts for your perusal whereas some of the blogger take advantage of this from the software.


This software comes with different versions and updates and it needs to be install either in your desktop or laptop. This is not a web-based software, if you forgot to bring your laptop with you and you borrowed your friend’s laptop without a Photoshop it will not run not unless you install.

You can adjust photos, add shapes unlimited, download free fonts available online and in addition to that you can save photos and designs as PNG, JPEG and GIF as its finest even when you print it, it won’t pixelate.

However, buying a original copy of this software will cost you roughly around $9.99 per month and calculate the rest for the annual fee.


Canva is best for bloggers, writers or even to entrepreneurs with minimal photo required for their work. If you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to install the Photoshop, Canva would be good.

While for the Photoshop it does not require you to be an expert one, you just have to learn its curves and go explore it. Photos and designs made in Photoshop are the best, it won’t pixelate and it allows you to navigate your designs thoroughly.

We vote for Photoshop instead of Canva, good quality work requires full determination with the best software.

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