Best Software You Can Use For Work

Employees and even work at home people may find it hard to focus and be completely productive at their tasks. We have reviewed some free software you can find on the internet to help you.

  1.    Team Viewer

This is considered one of the common used software for those who work remotely, managers can even see the actual work of their employees even when they are in different places. Additionally, if you have forgotten to logout your social media accounts at your office computer, you can simply access it through your phone.

  1.    Forest App

Some may not find this useful but it will actually help you to be determined at your job. Forest App allows you to track your task and monitor you if you really are eyeing on the goal. You can set your preferred time either 30 minutes or 1 hour. It makes productivity more fun, if you were able to accomplish your task within the time you have set, your plant will grow as a tree but then if you leave it alone your plant will die.

  1.    Grammarly

If you’re hesitant whether you have a good grasp of English you may ask the help of Grammarly, you just have to register and install it to your browser. It will detect some grammatical errors including punctuation marks, spelling and the capitalization. This is the one I recommended to my caterer for her website,

  1.    Slack

This can be compared to Skype and Gmail. If you don’t want to be disturbed during an online conference, Slack is two-in-one software. You can instantly message anyone in your group or create a group chat, attach images, files or video then you can set a reminder for anyone of you for certain tasks. Slack is your personal assistant featuring message, attaching files and set reminders.


  1.    Dropbox

Sharing large files is one of the inconvenient things to do when working with co-employees without a flash drive or hard drive to transfer. Dropbox allows you to share any documents video, book, or anything you want to store online and will give you a notification once your co-employees open up any files within the shared folder.  

Take note that Dropbox provides you certain storage size, you have to invite some of your friends to make your storage size bigger than the free one.

We hope these software will help you to be more focus at work just like what we have accomplished through the years.

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