Effective Software for Start-Up Companies

Your Guide To Be On Top of the Industry

Start-up companies have limited budget for the software they need to use, since you are just starting your way up to the niche of your business industry let us help provide you a jam-packed list of software.

The software enlisted here will lessen your workloads and motivate you to focus on other important things to be recognized by your target audiences and customers.

1. Streak

A software inside Gmail that enables you to keep track of your clients’ discounted rates and important announcement. This is great for marketing peeps, you may ask your clients to fill up the Streak and you can see your clients’ updates all in one place. You can also add status of each update regarding on how long their promotional will lasts or is it still active or inactive. It offers a free account forever, letting you know if those 200 emails you have sent were opened by the recipient or not.

2. Survey Monkey

If you really want to know what’s the opinion of your customers, survey monkey allows you to create a survey from scratch with free templates to choose from. Engage your customers to your products to enjoy continuous business with them.

3. Invoiced

A free invoice generator that allows you to set the currency based on your country. It serves to be your digitalized invoice for your clients if you’re working remotely. You can directly send the invoice to your email or download it as your copy.

4. Asana

A handy project management software that you can keep your eyes on your team when you have projects to deal with. Set deadline and personally assign each task with your members. It will automatically remind each one of you if there are incomplete or overdue tasks. Asana is available on mobile version.

It does feature a progress chart of your team, plan and execute ideas through Asana and see if your team is efficient. This is what I recommended to Sarah for her projects.

5. Simplybook

If you’re running a hotel business and you don’t have enough budget to pay for developers in regards to your online booking software, Simplybook allows you to customize your own online booking software or system. It requires you to insert an introduction about your company and main service you offer plus the opening hours and you may then integrate the software through your website and Facebook.

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